Varatti 6.7/7.1 Base
Tandem axle with disc both axles700056005"1400ST205/75R14
Varatti 6.7/7.1 Deluxe
Tandem axle with disc both axles700056005"1400ST205/75R14
  • Indicated Weights are approximate weights and can be affected by wheel configurations, option configurations, etc. Please use weights for estimating purposes only.


6.7 & 7.1 Base
Non-Logo Front Step
No Swing Tongue
UFP A60 Square Nose Actuator
Leaf Spring Suspension
Fulton 1500# Jack
Fulton 1500# Winch
Chrome Plated Directional Steel Wheels
5 Flat Tow Plug
Base LED Brake Lamps
No Reverse Lamps
Black Paint Only

6.7 & 7.1 Base
Back-Lit Logo 30" Front Step
Swing Tongue
UFP XR84 Self Latching Actuator
Torsion Suspension
Fulton 1500# XLT Jack
Fulton 1400# XLT Covered Winch
Siberian/Tiger Alloy Wheels
7 Round Spiral Tow Plug Extension
Glo Lamp LED Brake Lamps
Glo Lamp LED Reverse Lamps
Any Solid Color Paint


5-Year Limited Warranty
NMMA & NATM Certified
Canada Compliant
Tubular Steel Rolled A-Frame Design
Vault Bearing Lubrication
Hydraulic Surge Disc Brakes All Axles
Grand Ride Trailer Tires
LED Lighting
Waterproof Wire Harness

Bow Safety Strap
Diamond Rubber Non-Skid Mat
Polyurethane Bow Roller
Removable Guide Post
Prop Guard with Rollers
Detergent/Iron Phosphate Frame Pretreatment
Axalta Urethane Primer
Axalta Urethane Top Coat
Painted Pin Stripes


Tongue and Bow Stop Options
Swing Tongue (Base trailer)
Boat Buddy Bow Stop
Ramp n Clamp (boat must be equipped with long bow eye)

Wheel Options *See Wheel Disclaimer Below
14"/15" Type 07, Thoroughbred Wheel Upgrade
Tier 1: 18" Black Wheels
Tier 2: 18" Black Wheels
Tier 3: 18" Black Wheels
Tier 1: 18" Chrome Wheels
Tier 2: 18" Chrome Wheels

Spare Tire Options
Spare Tire Wheel Assembly (14" Chrome Steel/Galv Steel 205/75R14C)
Spare Tire Wheel Assembly (14" Siberian/Tiger 205/75R14C)
Spare Tire Wheel Assembly (14"/15" Type 07, Thoroughbred Wheel Upgrade)
Spare Tire Wheel Assembly (Tier 1: Black 18")
Spare Tire Wheel Assembly (Tier 2: Black 18")
Spare Tire Wheel Assembly (Tier 3: Black 18")
Spare Tire Wheel Assembly (Tier 1: Chrome 18")
Spare Tire Wheel Assembly (Tier 2: Chrome 18")

Spare Tire Carrier
Side Mount Spare Tire Carrier
Side Mount Spare Hub Carrier (5 Lug)
Under Hull Spare Mount

Fender Options
Painted Tandem No Valence Fender (Pair)
Stainless Steel Tandem with Valence Fender (Pair)
Stainless Steel Tandem No Valence Fender (Pair)

Step Plate Options (N/A Galvanized Trailers or Stainless Fenders)
Step-mate Transom Steps
Aluminum Tread Plate on Front and Rear Step Pads
Aluminum Tread Plate on Tandem Fenders (not available on Stainless Steel Fenders)
Grey Sea Dek Upgrade on Steps and Fenders

Paint Options
Painted Pin Striping (2 Different Colored Line Striping on top and bottom of frame rail)
Elite Shield Two Tone Paint (Frame and Steps base color / Fenders and Poles Accent Color)
Two-tone Paint (Frame base color: Steps and Fenders Accent Color)
Two-tone Metal Flake (Frame base: non metal flake color: Steps and Fender Metal Flake Accent Color)
Paint over Elite Shield Coating (Painted Bed liner Top Coat - Solid Colors Only - No pins)
Single Color Metal Flake - Entire Trailer including frame, steps, cross members, axles, etc.
Custom Painted Wheel Trim Rings on Paintable Wheel Models (See Wheel List for details)
Custom Painted 5 Bar Tread Plate on Front/Rear Steps & on Fenders (Must order Aluminum Tread Plate Option)
Custom Painted Surface Mount LED Trim Rings (Must order Surface Mount LED with Clear Lenses Option)
Custom Painted Caliper Covers (Must order Caliper Covers)

Galvanized Options / Salt Water Applications
Galvanized Frame (3 week lead time)
Paint Over Galvanized (5 week lead time & must order galvanized option as well)

Additional Options
Caliper Covers (Set of Four & Color will Match Frame Color)
Caliper Covers (Set of Six and Color will Match Frame Color)
GLOLight Surface Mount LED Lighting with Clear Lens
Slim Line Surface Mount LED Lights with Clear Lens
Runway Lighting (Steady Illumination)
Sequencing Runway Lighting (Running Illumination)
Colored Runway Lights (available in Green, Red and Blue: must order Runway Light Option)
Stainless Ratchet Transom Straps
2600 # 2 Speed Winch (Only Order if GVWR is less than or equal to 8400#)
Park Brake
Electric Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Australian Package: 250 cm width, 50 mm coupler, electric hydraulic brakes
UK Specifications: 250 cm width, 50 mm coupler, add additional marker lights, del. prop guard lights, park brake)

*Wheel Disclaimer
Boatmate Trailers has the right to substitute wheels based off current availability. Boatmate will attempt to contact dealer prior to making a change if time is permitting.

Due to using aftermarket wheels that are built to oversize hub bore specifications; it is crucial that dealers and customers assure proper torque specifications. Boatmate recommends to check torque specifications within the first 50 to 100 miles of towing the trailer and consistently thereafter. Torque on all Aluminum Alloy Wheels should be 115 foot-pounds of torque. Do not over tighten with impact gun or breaker bar as that can cause additional damage to the wheel, lugs as well as lug nuts.